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Featuring multi-scenario energy storage solutions, ranging from battery cells to energy storage BMS to energy storage systems for different appplications.
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Battery Cells
Energy Storage BMS
Residential ESS
RV & Marine ESS
Portable Power Station

Battery Cells

A rich portfolio of battery cells including prismatic, cylindrical, pouch lithium iron phosphate cells and sodium-ion cell that support variety end devices and applications.



Powerful Energy Storage BMS Solutions for low-voltage residential energy storage and commercial & industrial applications, enhancing high efficiency of electricity usage.

Residential ESS

Comprehensive Residential Energy Storage series, covering stack mounted, wall mounted, floor mounted and high- or low- voltage stack mounted and all-in-one residential energy storage solutions meeting variety family needs.


Received numerous rigorous certifications, ensuring that the RV & Marine ESS series offer a safe and reliable power supply for special vehicles and marine applications.

Portable Power Station

The portable power station series has a wide range, power from 600W to 3600W, make sure to satisfy diversified power needs and scenarios.

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