The Solution of Induction Cooker

Using electromagnetic induction heating technology lead to high thermal efficiency, temperature and power control is accurate and flexible. We can provide a single stove,double stove, embedded multi-stove solution, with more intelligent menu technology to meet your demand for different products.

The Solution of IH Rice Cooker

Induction heating (IH) has almost become the high-end cooker standard technology. Based on years of technology accumulation, we can provide IH heating, fuzzy control technology for the control of the cooking process curve, and provide a common cooking menu function for you to choose from.

Variable Frequency Microwave Oven Solution

By adopting the technology of frequency control,making the microwave output power stepless adjustable, which can not only achieve better cooking effect, but also save energy.

Inverter Washer Solution

Providing driving programs of AC induction motors, BLDC, and PMSM motors to achieve Direct driver, Weighing, Balance, Dirt detection and a variety of washing functions, which is efficient, energy-saving, and low noise.

Inverter Refrigerator Solution

Providing driving solutions of AC frequency conversion and DC frequency conversion to achieve accurate temperature control and energy efficiency.

Coffee Machine Solution

Precise motor control, torque adjustment, PID algorithm technologies are applied on capsule coffee machines and drop type coffee machines.

BLDC Motor Driving Solutions

With technologies of energy-saving, noise reduction, long life, sensor-less driving, and magnetic field orientation control (FOC). This solution also applies to products with motor such as dishwashers, treadmills, air conditioners and so on, which is efficient and low-noise with precise speed and torque regulation.

Oven Solution

Detecting the temperature through the sensor and the internal control algorithm to achieve the precise temperature control of oven cavity.

Water heater solution

Using fuzzy control technology to achieve water outlet inconstant temperature.

Smart Toilet Solution

Providing automatic clamshell, proximity sensor and intelligent water flow and temperature control technologies, so that your product is more comfortable for using.