Base Station BMS

With strong RD capability and rich experience, Topband provide high reliability, high precision BMS products to the customer.

      • Two RS485 interfaces, expandable one RS232 interface
      • Support YD1363, MODBUS and other protocols, has been with the mainstream FSU docking protocol
      • Charge and discharge, current limit downward compatible, flexible to match a variety of capacity, power applications
      • 4/6 positions rotary coded switches, support 40+ parallel expansion, support master-slave centralized control
      • Optimal control strategy, eliminating manual maintenance costs
      • Optional dry contact, heating module, LCD, secondary protection, fan drive and other functions


Maximum number of strings    16S

Maximum continuous charge/ discharge current    200A

Current limit    10A/20A

Rated voltage    48V

Voltage acquisition accuracy    ±10mV

Accuracy of current acquisition    ±2%

Temperature acquisition accuracy    ±2℃