Coffee machines

TOPBAND provides customized product solutions for global home appliance customers, with strong R&D and design capabilities, household appliance control product application technology and practical experience.

  • Capsule Coffee Machine


    Monitoring over water level ,open cover, temperature ,empty pump

    Clean remind and clean functions

    Temperature control protection

    Heating through heating tube controlled by relay or traic.

    Timing and pre-set functions

    Heat-preservation function

    Cup quantity choose function

    DC or AC pump control

    LCD or TFT display


    Operating paramete: 100VAC 50HZ/60HZ, 120VAC50HZ/60H, 230VAC 50HZ/60HZ.

    Working environment temperature: -20℃~55℃.

    Storage temperature: -25℃~85℃.

    Heating power: 650W~1500W.

    Standby power: ≤0.5W(without LCD), ≤1W(with LCD).

    Monitoring water level with probe,hall,floater,flow guage,reed switch.

  • Automatic Coffee Machine


    The product is mainly applied in automatic coffee machine: intelligent program algorithm  ensures stable system and creates fragrant coffee for users.


    Man-machine interface: press button and touch control operation. Display options: LED, LCD, or TFT.

    Heating system: single heating block system; dual heating blocks system. You can choose  either heating system if making pure coffee, but if you make mixed coffee such as cappuccino and latte, the double heating block system can save the brewing time.

    Hardware drive: seperate modulars design for heating systems, brewing systems and water systems etc.

    Program settings: cup volume control, temperature control, coffee bean dosage adjustment, cleaning functions etc.

    Alarm: alarm alerts for lacking of water, f drip tray, boxes, and beans etc. All the functions could be customized.