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Product profile

Intelligent full automatic dish-washer controllers can be applied in the intelligent control of household and commercial dish-washer. Intelligent programmed algorithm can adjust water softening and detergent needed amount automatically during wash process.

Either VF motor or normal motor can run smoothly with high efficency due to the intelligent control algorithm.And the algorithm also contribute to the cleanliness and lower energy consumption. All function modules can be added or deleted according to customers’ requirements.

Function Profile

1.Choose corresponding washing procedures according to different tableware.

2.Sterilization and drying function.

3.Power-off memory,saving time and energy.

4.Appointment function, it will finish washing in preset time.

5.Child-Lock function to avoid wrong operation and keep safe.

6.Dirt degree test function,stop working when tableware is clean.

7.BIT fault alarm function, when something wrong with the dish-washing machine, it will alarm and stop working.

8.waterproof and dustproof and long life span intelligent controllers with gluing technology.

9.Intelligent water softening system, control the hardness of washing water  through out the whole process,so as to ensure the cleanliness of tableware.

10.WIFI intelligent networking, dish washing remote control is available and know the washing status at any time any where.