Food processor

TOPBAND provides customized product solutions for global home appliance customers,with strong R&D and design capabilities, household appliance control product application technology and practical experience.



Highly integrated product: combine mixing, chopping  and cooking in one machine; mixing and cooking can working at the same time, thus saves a lot of cooking time.


1.Multi-functional food processor: mixing, chopping  and cooking functions.

2. Large  TFT Sreen,  intuitive and convenient man-machine interface.              3, Friendly UI  interface, rich intelligent menu, covering most recipes daily life.  Humanized design to sensure all the parameters set with one touch, thus cooking become easier and easier.

4. Perfect mixing functions and the motor protection functions: over voltage protection, over current protection, over temperature protection, and brake protection.

5. Clean, efficient and safe electromagnetic heating function: over-voltage , undervoltage, overcurrent , over-temperature protections etc.