Infrared Furnace

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Product Description:

This product is mainly applied to embedded infrared furnace (Electric Ceramic Furnace) control.

With operation units and execution components it can achieve a full control of the infrared furnace (Electric Ceramic Furnace) in a very friendly way. Number of the burners is optional, and the design could be customized according to customer,s specific requirement.

Man-machine interface options by:

Display: LED, LCD.

Key ways: Spring touch.

Execution unit: heater plate (power of each furnace plate is optional).

Stove number options: single, two, or four stoves.

Technical parameters:

Voltage range: 90~230VAC.

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz.

Control of power: the heater is controlled in a periodical way and the power level of the heater can be adjusted per actual need.

Storage Environment: Temperature range-20℃~105℃;Humidity≤95%RH.

Operation Environment: the maximum ambient temperature is 105℃.

Feature detailing

Residual heat warning: After usage, the controller will display a residual heat warning signal on the LED/LCD to protect the user from being burned.

Timer function: During cooking you do not have to stay aside the furnace, each heating zone will be shut down automatically when the timer counts down to zero, meantime the buzzer will beep to remind the timeout.

Child lock function: In order to prevent misoperation, the child-lock button is available to lock all of the control.

Safety shutdown function: The controller will shut down the heater automatically if the users happen to forget to turn off the heater for a certain time, which can avoid over-burning and power waste.

Auto heating function: This feature makes cooking easier. When cooking you do not have to stand aside the furnace. In auto heating mod, the heater will run at its maximum power level for a certain time then automatically go into the preset power level to continue the heating.

Heating zone size selection: User can enable the inner heating zone, outer heating zone or both of them to start the heating, according to the actual size of the pan.