Range Hoods

TOPBAND provides customized product solutions for global home appliance customers,with strong R&D and design capabilities, household appliance control product application technology and practical experience.


Product Description:

This series product is mainly applied to electronic control range hood. It it works with peripheral execution units and components to achieve full control of the range hood. It has friendly user interface and an optional control unit. Features could be customized according to customer requirements.

Man-machine interface options by:

Display: LED display, LCD, VFD display, TFT display.

Key way: Tact switch, illuminated buttons, Capacitive Touch Sense, touch control on INOX.

Technical Parameters:

Voltage range: 90~230VAC.

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz.

Storage environment: temperature-20~85;Humidity is less than 95%RH.

The use of the environment a maximum ambient temperature of 85;humidity is less than 95%RH.


Timer:time programmable to turn off the controller clock,regular cleaning reminder.

Wind speed control: The wind speed can be controlled by relay or triac.

Lighting control: Step or step-less speed control.

The child lock function: to prevent misuse.

Linkage function: Port/connector be reserved for user to link with other appliace.

Air quality monitor: Air quality could be detected to adjust fan speed.

Acoustic detect: Noise could be detected during cook to adjust fan speed.

Gas flue obstruction detect: detect gas flue obstruction to adjust fan speed.