Smart Closestool

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Product introduction:

his controller provides a fully automatic smart control system for the smart closestool with the following features:Friendly user interface, Customized execution units, Human-body detection, Heating(water, air, seat pad), Body clean(woman-only), Massage, Drying, Water flush, Disinfection & deodorization, Nozzle self-cleaning, Software lighting, Energy saving.

Technical parameter:

Voltage range: 90-230VAC.

Rated frequency: 50/60Hz.

Storage environment: -20℃~105℃, high humidity.

Usage environment: 0~40℃, high humidity.

Human interface:

Display: LED indicator, segment LED module.

Button: Tact switch, air gesture.

Remote control: remote controller, smartphone APP.

Function introduction:

Automatic Human-body detection to open the closestool cover with microwave or Infrared technology.

Automatic human-body detection to flush water with capacitive or Infrared sensor.

Water temperature settable with accuracy of ±1℃.

Air temperature settable with accuracy of ±2℃.

Various cleaning mode including woman cleaning, child cleaning, massage, SPA and so on.

Water flush without water tank & electric.

Instant heating .


Remote monitor or operate with smartphone APP.

Protection against over temperature, over-heating and fan-motor stall.

Warning for maloperation or device failure.