Household Appliances

TOPBAND provides brand customers in the home appliance industry with customized product concepts, design, development, manufacturingand delivery services. The productsinclude the mastercontrol, power control, motor drive and control, display control of home appliances.

Power Tool

TOPBAND provides customers in power tool industry with customized product concepts, design, development, manufacturing and delivery services. The business scope covers electric control, motor, battery pack, power supply, and loT etc.


TOPBAND provides products and system solutions for communication base station energy storage, home energy storage, E-bikes, electric vehicles, Internet of Things, etc. with solutions including inverter, battery cell, battery management system, battery pack, power exchange cabinet, motor control, etc.

Industry Automation

TOPBAND provides stepper motors, stepper drivers, motion controllers/control cards, and servo drivers for automation equipment customers, which are widely used in 3C electronics, robotics, medical equipment, semiconductor equipment, textile machineries, packaging machineries and so on. TOPBAND is committed to helping automation equipment manufacturers improve performance, reduce costs, and speed up the development of new equipment.


With AIoT (Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things) technology platform and intelligent product innovation capabilities, TOPBAND provides comprehensive customized solutions of“innovative products + AIoT platform + customized service”for various scenarios such as industry, catering, hotels, parks etc.

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