Promote Energy Transformation to Create a GreenFuture, Topband is about to make its appearance at the CIBF2023

The 15th China International Battery Fair(CIBF2023) will be held in Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Centerfrom May 16 to 18, 2023. The fair gathers thousands of exhibitors and expertsand scholars from the battery industry and other related industries at home andabroad. Topband will bring its core products of cells, BMS, EMS and PCS, smalland medium-sized energy storage systems and new energy vehicles, two- andthree-wheelers and other related products and solutions to the fair, and willunveil new products at the event.

Preview of the highlightsof Topband’s Booth:

Highlight 1: Reusable modular booth, which conveys the fashion ofenvironmentally-friendly and aesthetic

At the fair, by taking “Promote EnergyTransformation to Create a Green Future” as the theme, Topband’s boothdesign is consistent with its brand style. With black and white as the dominantcolors, the design concept, focusing on “low carbon and minimalism”,perfectly presents both strong sense of technology and design connotation. Inaddition, a combination of modular booth, standard exhibition items and completeproduct portfolio is employed in the design. The modular booth will be reusedin the showroom of Topband’s industrial park in Shenzhen after the fair. Up to70% of the materials of the booth can be recycled, reducing the loss ofmaterials and effectively practicing the concept of low carbon andenvironmental protection.

Topband has four exhibition areas at the fair,namely “cells, BMS, EMS and PCS exhibition area”, “energystorage scenario exhibition area”, “new energy vehicle scenarioexhibition area”, and “technology exhibition area”.

Highlight 2: Core technologies of cells, BMS, EMS and PCS to promote theapplication in energy storage system and new energy vehicles

In the core components exhibition area, Topbandwill highlight the four core exhibition items of cells, BMS, EMS and PCS,including Topband’s latest achievements in high-energy-density lithium-ion andsodium-ion batteries, smart battery management and energy management systems,and high-efficiency converters.

In the energy storage scenario exhibition area,Topband will display Topband’s products and solutions for four applicationscenarios: household energy storage, portable energy storage, industrial and commercialenergy storage and backup energy storage, focusing on energy storage inverters,single-phase off-grid and on-grid inverters, wall-mounted, cabinet-mounted,rack-mounted and stacked household energy storage products, UPS backup powersource, communication backup power source, portable energy storage, householdenergy storage/base station/portable energy storage and other BMS components,bringing customers safe, environmentally-friendly, efficient and intelligentenergy storage solutions.

In the new energy vehicle scenario exhibition area,Topband will display its products and solutions for new energy vehicles, two-and three-wheelers and other scenarios, covering new energy vehicle chargingsolutions, and electronic control, battery, motor, HMI, cloud platform andother integrated solutions for two- and three-wheelers, providing customerswith efficient and convenient travel solutions, promoting green travels andhelping achieve the goals of carbon neutrality and CO2 emissions peaking.

Highlight3: Two new energy technology zones to promote green energy transformation

Topband always adheres to the belief that”technology has value” and is committed to the research anddevelopment of innovative technologies. In the technology exhibition area,Topband will unveil Topband’s two cutting-edge technologies, “sodium-ionbattery” and “supercharging pile”, to demonstrate Topband’sprofound technical buildup in the field of new energy and continue to promotethe green energy transformation.

As an advanced energy storage technology,sodium-ion batteries has a broad application prospect in the future for higherenergy density, longer service life, improved friendliness to the environmentand higher efficiency and safety. The sodium-ion batteries independentlydeveloped by Topband has more advantages than traditional lithium-ion andlead-acid batteries in terms of cost and low-temperature performance, and canprovide safer and more efficient energy solutions for mobile devices, electricvehicles, energy storage systems and other products in the future.

With the increasingly rising penetration of newenergy vehicles, users have new demands for energy refueling, and safe andefficient supercharging pile technology has emerged. The high-voltage fastcharging technology independently developed by Topband can make electricvehicles achieve more efficient, safe, intelligent and energy-saving energyrefueling, so that users can travel more conveniently and freely.

Highlight4: Launch of new products to create a green energy future

During 14:00-15:15 on May 16, Topband will hold agrand new product launch event at the fair, bringing a series of leadingproducts to global users. At the launch event, Topband will unveil fourproducts, namely sodium-ion battery, industrial and commercial energy storageBMS, intelligent lithium-ion battery solutions for communication backup powersource and double-pack parallel battery solutions for light-duty vehicles, soas to show Topband’s profound buildup in the fields of batteries, BMS, energystorage systems and new energy vehicles, and provide users with more safe,convenient and efficient energy storage and travel solutions.

As an innovation leader in the new energy industry,Topband promotes the application of its own core technologies of cells, BMS,PCS and EMS in energy storage systems and new energy vehicles. In the future,Topband will continue to adhere to the core value concept of “agility,innovation and partnership”, promote the energy transformation and createa green future together in the era of intelligence and low carbon, making theworld more intelligent and low-carbon!

We sincerely invite you to visit Topband’s booth8T003, Hall 8, Shenzhen World Exhibition & Convention Center at CIBF2023.See you soon!