Building a more intelligent and low-carbon world! TOPBAND to Attend EES Europe 2023

EES Europe 2023 will be held from June 14 to 16, 2023 at Trade Fair Center Messe München in Germany. EES Europe 2023, known for its largest scale, highest internationalization and most far-reaching influence in Europe, is a battery energy storage exhibition attracting so many top enterprises in the new energy industry. The exhibition will present numerous scientific achievements and innovative products in relation to battery energy storage in the world, so it is considered an exchange event for experts and scholars, outstanding enterprises and professional visitors in the industry.

In the exhibition, TOPBAND will highlight its theme of “building a more intelligent and low-carbon world”, and showcase its core exhibits 1C3S (Cells, BMS, PCS and EMS), as well as small and medium-sized energy storage, new energy vehicles, two and three-wheelers, and related products and solutions. Meanwhile, TOPBAND will launch new products at the exhibition site.


TOPBAND’s new energy business is mainly in medium and small-scale energy storage and new energy vehicles and its products include batteries, power supplies, controllers and motors. TOPBAND mainly provides customers with components and system solutions with its own core technologies of cells, BMS, PCS and EMS in the field of residential energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, portable energy storage and power backup storage. TOPBAND provides the customers in the field of new energy vehicles, other special vehicles and two and three-wheelers with intelligent controllers and chargers with its integrated technology system of electronic control, motor, battery, power supply and IoT platform to support green and low-carbon development.

The booth is designed to inherit TOPBAND’s style that utilizes black and white as its dominant hues and upholds Low Carbon and Minimalism as its philosophy to better manifest the sense of technology and imply its design metaphors.Also, the exhibits are designed to allow the modularization of the booth, standardization of exhibits and serialization of product categories, making it possible to combine exhibits freely.We will set up four exhibition areas: Core Components (Cells, BMS, PCS and EMS) Area, Energy Storage Scenario Area, New Energy Vehicle Scenario Area, and Technology Area.

In the 1C3S”Core Components Area, TOPBAND will present its core products, and the multi-product matrix will represent its technical strength

In the core components area, TOPBAND will highlight its 1C3S (Cells, BMS, EMS and PCS), including TOPBAND’s latest achievements in high-energy-density lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries, smart battery management and energy management systems, and high-efficiency converters.

In Energy Storage Scenario Exhibition Area, TOPBAND will showcase its products and solutions around four application scenarios: residential energy storage, industrial and commercial energy storage, portable energy storage and power backup storage. Typical products include energy storage inverter, single-phase off-grid inverter, wall-mounted, cabinet-mounted, rack-mounted and stacked residential energy storage products, UPS backup power, communication backup power, portable energy storage, and BMS components for residential storage/base station/portable energy storage, etc. They are expected to provide safe, environmentally friendly, efficient and intelligent energy storage solutions for users.

In New Energy Vehicle Scenario Exhibition Area, TOPBAND will showcase products and solutions for new energy vehicle and two and three-wheelers scenarios, covering new energy vehicle charging solutions and the integrated solutions specific to electronic control systems, batteries, BMS, motors, HMI and cloud platform of two and three-wheelers. All these solutions are part of TOPBAND’s initiative to provide efficient and convenient travel plans, help green travel and facilitate the realization of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals.

Technology Area involving two new energy technologies will present how cutting-edge technologies empower a green future

In Technology Exhibition Area, TOPBAND will showcase two cutting-edge technologies—Sodium-ion Battery and Super Charging Pile, and demonstrate its profound technology accumulation in the field of new energy and its capability to promote the transformation to green energy.

As an advanced energy storage technology, sodium-ion batteries have a broad application prospect in the future for higher energy density, longer service life, improved friendliness to the environment and higher efficiency and safety. TOPBAND’s proprietary sodium-ion battery technology will offer superior performance in dramatically slowing down the capacity fading and significantly prolong the battery life.It is expected to provide safer and more efficient energy solutions for mobile devices, electric vehicles, energy storage systems and other products.

With the increasingly rising penetration of new energy vehicles, users have new demands for energy refueling, and safe and efficient supercharging pile technology has emerged.The high-voltage fast charging technology independently developed by TOPBAND can make electric vehicles achieve more efficient, safe, intelligent and energy-saving energy refueling, so that users can travel more conveniently and freely.

Get a glimpse of the released new products, and figure out how cutting-edge technologies deeply empower the new energy scenario

From 14:00 to 15:00, June 14, TOPBAND will hold a grand new product launch event at the exhibition, where we will showcase a series of advanced products to global users. TOPBAND will release three forthcoming products: sodium-ion battery, BMS for industrial and commercial energy storage and RV, Marine, Off-grid Power solution. Hopefully TOPBAND’s fruitful accumulation of precipitation in the fields of batteries, BMS and energy storage will provide users with safer, more convenient and more efficient energy storage solutions.

As an innovation leader in the new energy industry, TOPBAND promotes the application of its own “1C3S” core technologies in energy storage systems and new energy vehicles. In the future, TOPBAND will continue to adhere to the core value concept of “Agility·Innovation·Partnership” promote the energy transformation and create a green future together in the era of intelligence and low carbon, building a more intelligent and low-carbon world!

We sincerely invite you to visit EES 2023, Booth 120, Hall C3, Trade Fair Center Messe München. See you there!